I watched Life as a house yesterday. You know, miserable father, who finds out, that he is going to die and wants to spend some time with his miserable son. Son, of course, is an emo, uses drugs and make-up, has several piercings and so on. Okay, the film was fine, but it was still such a cliché – I mean, as soon as son decides, that maybe he likes living this life after all, he removes all his piercings. It´s so stupid – does it mean that people pierce themselves, ´cause they are unhappy and that´s the only thing they can do with their life? Or does it mean, that if I want to be happy, I have to lose my identity??

Okay, there´s a picture of my friends from the trip to Czech, we had couple of weeks ago (yes, it is my husband on the right and yes, one person on that picture really is a woman – and I might say, that a very nice one) :

Do they look unhappy? No!! And why not?? Because they really ARE happy! They are happy with their piercings, I am happy with my piercings, and guess what – most of people, who have piercings, tattoos or that kind of nice hairdo, have it, because they like it.

And just as specification – we have jobs (except me, I´m in school full-time), we go to theatre, we read books and although it may sound unbelievable – we really are happy, despite of the fact, that we are different.


Sometimes it feels like everybody is wearing a mask of nice behaviour, good thoughts and all that other kind of good shit and behind that mask is – more or less – just a little dick, who keeps on screaming:”me! me! me! me!” and knows nothing else about anything. And the worst thing about it, is that they even don´t want to know anything. They even don´t want to expand their borders in any way, they are perfectly happy in their little sells, sealed as a chestnut.

Idiots.  Narrow-minded little idiots.


Sel teemal on juba kirjutatud igal pool, aga ega küll küllale liiga ei tee. Nimelt on mind viimasel ajal järjest rohkem ärritama hakanud see, et maailmas ei ole enam miskit püha. Vähe sellest, et kollasest vannipardist on tehtud vibraator (how sick is that???), nüüd andsid need jobud veel lisaks Põhiseaduse pilsneri välja. Ausalt öeldes ei üllataks mind sugugi, kui tuleks välja, et selle õlle taga on seesama loll, kes esimest korda mõtles, et naistele meeldiks kindlasti ennast pardiga katsuda. Okei, see selleks, et igal aastal hukkub tänu alkoholile üle mõistuse palju eestlasi ja mitu korda rohkem on end lihtsalt põhja joonud ning oma elu ja/või tervise perse keeranud, aga õlu on ju jook, mida paksud laisad mehed õhtul teleka ees joovad. Põhiseadusega võiks olla ikka seotud mingi austusväärsem vedelik – nagu konjak või viski või kas või piim (Põhiseaduse piim kõlaks ju üsna hästi), – mitte õlu. Nüüd pean ma veel seda kuradima reklaami telekast kah vahtima. Nii et saage üle ükskord, õlu ei ole elu.


how I went to Latvija

To tell the truth, I was not very delighted about going to Latvija with my mom, but I was set up – my aunt asked if I´m willing to pick up my little brother from there and I unsuspectidly said yes. Then of course my mother turned out and said that she can´t let me go alone to so dangerous trip and that she had taken the day off just for that. Since I know, how exalted she can be, I wasn´t very thrilled about it, but what could I do. Besides, from there on, things went only op the hill – if U count the fact that getting home got closer with every minute.

First she called me the day before start, to ask if we were going with my or hers car. I chose mine. Then she asked me, if I know, that I must clean it up first. I said yes. “Hmm,” she said, “but R U sure, that it won´t break apart???” (and her voice was like reeeeally innocent on the phone). Of course I was sure, otherwise I wouldn´t have said it. “Oh… But I have an idea… Let´s go with my car!” If I hadn´t lived with her for 15 years, maybe I would have even believed that she just got that wonderful idea. But for her sake I must say, that it took a whole day, before it came to me, that the reason for taking her car wasn´t the fact that my car is ten years older, but – it was so obvius – it would be only logical that if we use her car, she will drive. In the other words – she didn´t trust me as a driver. And she trusts even my husband, who has had license for only like a year or something.

Okay, I can live with the fact that I´m not good enough in any field, so we started off the next morning, after we had bought enough food for a little army of hippos (which is good, I ate these buns for several days). Although, I had thought that it is impossible, her trust in me grew bigger and bigger during the trip. For instance, although I was reading the map (for this whole complicated 150 miles), when she wanted to know, where we should turn, she stop the car, took the map from me and then we could continue the ride into the direction I had pointed out already.

But to be honest, I have to admit, that it wasn´t all so bad. We had pretty nice long talk (it would have been shorter, but when she´s listening, she forgets to push the gas-pedal), buns tasted real good and we saw one cool frontier guard dog. And it sure made it nice to be back home again.


fuck me, I´m a popstar

I decided to swap my blog into English, ´cause it´s obvius, that Risto is the only one who´s ever reading it and so I can have at least some language-experience (and I´m sure it wouldn´t kill him also to use his brain now and then). Also, the coolest things I have read recently, have all been in English – for example – so it´s about time to get used with it.

I already watch MTV, Simpsons, Daria and American Dad (oh, oh, oh!! That 70s show also, ofcourse), so I guess that I´m not so far away from American culture as U´d expect from someone living in old USSR. I only have to invest in fake breast, blond hair colour (even more blond than now) and invisible skirts. Not!!!

And what the hell – I already have a tattoo, so if I just lose a few pounds, I can be the next Amy Winehouse.


sumedad suveööd

Sain jälle veidi oma ego upitada, sest üks tüüp tahtis mult tööd tellida – põhjendusega, et ta on varem minu teenuseid kasutanud ja jäi tulemustega väga rahule (mis omakorda tähendab seda, et tema ülemused jäid samuti tööga väga rahule). Nüüd hõljun pilvedel ja mõtlen, millisest otsast alustada. Väike asi, ma tean, aga praegu oli just midagi sellist vaja, et jälle tegudeinimeseks hakata. Kui keegi ütleb, et ma olen tubli, ilus ja andekas, on hulga kergem neile normidele vastata 😉

Sellest tulenevalt – mehed kiitke oma naisi! Ja oma sõpru, lapsi, vanemaid ja koera! Ja mina kui naine annan oma panuse, et meie sedasama teeksime.