My phone has been red for two days now – apparently, someone has put up an advertisement on some kind of sick pornsite with my telephonenumber and so I get a lot of calls from different men, who want to know, how much do I want for my services. The worst part is, that since I´ve never done that kind of job, I have no idea, how much I should ask and so I´m missing a good opportunity to make some money. Last guy, who called, sounded so pathetic, that I even felt sorry for him – really, already his voice sounded like nobody had ever loved him.

But enough of that – yesterday was 2 Euros day in my favourite shop (everything cost only 2 Euros), so I got so many cool clothes, that I could soon open my own shop. And I really needed those – since I still manage to wash my clothes in too hot water, so nothing is ever the same colour as before, when it comes out of the washing machine. But now I feel beautiful again (well, I have to be, with all these men calling all the time) 🙂