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so tired

I have started with being good and busy – today was my first day of school and it is going to be my second day at work. Yep, I´m in the washing-up area again – sometimes I feel, that I´m gonna wash dirty dishes for the rest of my life, but at least this time I get paid pretty decently. Plus – if Oskar needs surgery, it´s gonna be expensive. The thing is, my youngest dog, Oskar, had an accident (he ran into a tree, only a man can be that stupid) and hurt his knee. Doctors were not sure, if it is only inflammation, or is the bone also little broken so they said, that he must take medication and not run for ten days and after that we will take a new picture. Okay, I understand the medication part, but halllloooo – do You imagine this dog (look below, but do not stare his penis) being still for ten days???

Neither do I. And on that picture he is a lot younger (and more peaceful) than today. So I have kept him in a cage for most of the time, but for now he has so much energy left over, that he is already chewing his tail and acting like a moron in any other way. I have tried to give him some brain work, but (couple of months ago, I thought that this day will never come) he is already smart enough to pick most of my puzzles in few seconds. And if he is not able to do it, he will (very manly as he is) get bored in about a minute and start doing something else – usually of the forbidden actions section. 😦

Oh, and just as a remark – since writing this blog took so long, I already skipped a lecture, so I guess, that I´m done with being good and busy.