6. september

I thought that since Vonnegut is dead, it´s about time to read all of his books. Actually I have read most of them, but not “Slaughterhouse-Five, or, The Children´s Crusade”, because that title was somehow repulsive to me. Must say, that that feeling wasn´t utterly wrong – although it is his most popular book, I like his other volumes more (especially “Galapagos”, that was like REALLY good). Still, he had a good point – really nice and respectable plot doesn´t matter, grow and fall of tension doesn´t matter, even the conclusion doesn´t matter, it´s only the overall impression that counts. Of course these other components play also important role in that, but he proved, that even when the story-line is mixed up, it can be really enjoyable. And it made me think, that gives an extra point too. 🙂

Anyway, it was a good book. Even a very good book, just not his best achievment.