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who is rameshwar?

I noticed today, that Riin had named my blog with a question you see in the title and so I decided to enlight you. Rameshwar means a lot of things, but originally it is a what not a who (although many men have also worn it later on).

So, Rameshwar is:

  1. sacred city of hinduists
  2. island (and on that island there is a city of Rameshwar – and also Rameshwar temple, which is also very beautiful, and probably Rameshwar library, bus stop etc etc 😀 )
  3. lord (parameshwara means The Supreme Lord, both words are used to refer to different gods)
  4. popular name among hindus.

When I chose it, I didn´t know, that it means lord and I also didn´t know, that there are so many famous men with that name. Oh well, I guess I just have to live with that.

P.S. And Pärdikute Päevaraamat means something like “Diary of Monkeys”, but it sounds a lot better in Estonian.

P.P.S. Updated required reading again.

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