We went to theatre yesterday – to see “Product” (“Produkt”) by Ain Mäeots, starring Rein Pakk and Aigi Vahing. It was freaky (although I wouldn´t pay money to see that) – she was an actress and he was a stage director, who told her about his new movie. The movie was a total cliché, with WTC, a moslem, a capitalist rich chick and their love. Even Osama bin Laden was in it. And during the whole act, actress didn´t say a word – I was waiting all the time to hear, what she will say, and eventually, she said nothing. I guess, she was there only because her breasts are bigger than his (and Rein´s tits were huge and shook all the time). So – he was short, fat and made lot of sex noises (to illustrate sex scenes of this “big hit”). Crazy. But it was kinda cool in some strange way.


Anyway, I was wearing a yellow cellular shirt, the girl next to me was wearing a yellow top (mine was cooler) and Jan Uuspõld, who was sitting in front of me, was wearing a yellow blazer. I guess yellow is making a comeback – and I´m sure as a hell, that blazers aren´t.