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The life of a rescue dog

It´s so cold today. I guess it really is an autumn now.

We went to rescue training yesterday with Atu. Since I have trained her very well and she knows that good girls don´t take food from strangers (not even mince or cheese), we spent the first lesson teaching her that here she can eat everything she is offered. Also she got to play with other dogs, sniff many smelly things, ramble in debris and even to take away smaller dog´s bone (until that bitch, who´s writing that blog, took it away from her). She was very pleased.

That eating thing is necessary, since rescue dogs must think that they are doing the coolest thing ever and for that they are awarded with food or play from the “victim” they are saving – since Atu doesn´t really like strangers and she wouldn´t play with them, she will be awarded with food from them and with playing from me.

I also discovered that in USA they have tracking dogs (who search victims by scent on the ground) and air-scent dogs, who catch the scent from the air – most of our rescue dogs master both of these arts. Also, in USA they still use only German shepherds, but we don´t have any kind of restrictions based on the breed (or the lacking of that) of dog. That´s pretty awesome.

Oskar´s leg is still fucked. We´ll wait for a week to see, what it´s doing.

Footnote: I just finished Vonnegut´s “Deadeye Dick” and it was good – it was good as light reading, it was good as deep reading at it was even good as a food for my professional cretinism in literature (the making of the syntax and other interesting things like that).