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shh, babes are sleeping

Just wanted to let you know, that I´m out for ´bout a week – since I just moved, I haven´t got internet done yet and it will take at least 7 days. Or maybe 14… Or 21… Depends on how lucky I am. Right now I can use internet only at work or while I´m visiting my granny, so I´m afraid, that wordpress wouldn´t get much time 😦

Footnote: I´ve got the best man ever – really. He´s been so patient and so diligent, while I have been just sleazing (well, not really, but I have been so busy at school, that I´ve hadn´t had much time to help him).

P.S. These aint my cats – they are just illustrating my absence.

my dogs

vet visit

We went to doctor today – luckily we got the nice doctor. Atu was very brave, while we were waiting for the doctor – and also very brave after the procedurs were done. She even let us take the blood test from her – put we had to crawl under the chair (my dog was there, strictly against the wall) to look at her ears. That´s the new level of earparanoya 🙂