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ordinary people are weird

Last night reminded me again, why I don´t like to have parties with “ordinary people” who I don´t know very well. It´s okay until they just want to touch my hair or to put finger through my ear (I´m used to that), but there is always at least one person, who starts asking questions like:

– why are you wearing that kind of piercing? (eem, why are you wearing that kind of stupid shirt?)

– why do you have that kind of hair-do? (wtf, why DO YOU have that kind of hair-do?)

– is your look political? (what kind of stupid question is that? every look is a little political, ´cause most people´s appearance reflects their mind)

I mean – don´t they really have any knowledge of polite behavior? I can´t imagine that I would ask someone so stupid and ignorant questions, I´d be ashamed to do that. If I go to someones birthday, it´s because she´s my friend and I want to show her that I care, not to answer every stupid question that some drunk whore can think of.

And the best bit of yesterday – girl told me that in her opinion I don´t look beautiful. I of course bursted in laugh and said that I really don´t give a fuck what she thinks. And then she was insulted, ´cause “I wasn´t nice to her” :O Like wtf – if I don´t take shit from her, then I am a stupid twat???