sheep in da big city

We went to Tallinn on Friday – to see Marilyn Manson and meet some friends. Manson was certainly worth waiting for.  K*, Ville and Marian weren´t too pleased, ´cause they had hoped more of a performance, but the music was good, he was sweet as always and IMO everything was superlux. Especially that part, where I met my netfriends, they were even cooler bitches, than I had thought. 🙂

I also enjoyed staying in Tallinn, although it made K very anxious – he is afraid of unfamiliar places, dense traffic (well, to say it short, he doesn´t like big citys too much). Ville´s place was ++pro and Freddy has grown into very cute big doggy-boy. Aww.

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  1. I agree with you – I am absolutely happy with Mansons show. And I will again be in love for a while now.

    And you (alsolookingdamngood) and your husband + friends were very cool too! Would love to get to know you all better 🙂

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