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fading away

As you can see I´m switching back to English for a while – I´m writing enough in Estonian also, so I don´t have to worry about getting rusty on that side 😀 Actually I shouldn´t worry about English at all, cause one professor was “kind” enough to give us required reading in English – #&%#, if you know what I mean, – but I would still like to set my own words again for a while. Guess I should be happy that she didn´t choose German, since she´s always babbling about the “fantastic world of German novel and film, which is soooooo deep and decorated with rich details etc etc” and she has mentioned before that every student should speak at least three most popular foreign languages. Khmh, crazy bitch, khmh. Anyway you can sum up my life right now with that typical “so much work and so little time” phrase.

That leads to another shitty rather unpleasant situation. My great plans keep falling apart. Since my first exams are already taking place in April (which starts next week by the way – I had completely forgotten about that) I obviously can´t accept any interesting work (=money) offers that have rised upon the surface lately. I would be most pleased if I could stay home until the end of this semester and work on my own projects, but I guess will see if I manage to pull that through.

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