Näitan teile tugevaid inimesi

Vahel on mul trennitegemiseks eeskujusid vaja, nii et jälgin Instas inimesi, kes on VEEL osavamad kui mina (nad postitavad tihti häid treeningnippe ka, oma lemmik kerelihasteharjutuse olen näiteks nii saanud). No ja olgem ausad, sellel mehel ja tema paljal ülakehal silm lihtsalt puhkab (ja see peapealseis lõpus on uskumatu):

Ja kuna öeldakse, et naistele on vaja tugevaid naiseeskujusid, siis ärge heitke meelt, neid on ka (on hulga ägedamaid trikitajaid, aga täna hommikul vaatasin joogainimesi, ja ta juttu võib ignoda, ma ei viitsi selgitada seda järjekordset joogamaailma draamat, mis teist kedagi ei huvitaks):

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When all is said and done this is what it always comes back to for me. Practice. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just practice. _ If you are disappointed in me, please know that I am even more disappointed in myself. _ I am a flawed and imperfect messenger for an ancient and very pure spiritual path. When I first started teaching I felt impossibly unworthy of sharing the gift of yoga. Now I again feel entirely unworthy. My heart broke when I read that some people have given up on yoga because they are disillusioned with me. I have been told how I am an awful, terrible, corrupt person. Let me tell you, I don’t see myself as some saint. I‘ve broken the heart of everyone who has ever loved me. Sometimes when reflecting on how many mistakes and how much pain I’ve caused, I look at my husband and thank him for not leaving me. Today I sit with a feeling like the world would be a better place without me, that I’ve only contributed pain and suffering. _ Hold me accountable for my actions, but please don’t throw yoga away because me. The only perfect being is God and I am not God. I am just a deeply troubled, haunted, wounded person who has found a little peace through yoga. _ I am learning an awfully painful lesson right now. People are abandoning me, condemning me, and throwing me out. I am fighting hard not to take on all these negative views and see myself as someone who is truly useless to the world. It’s hard for me because I do struggle with depression and suicidal ideation. It feels like I want to press the restart button on this program called life BC it’s all a mess and I don’t even know where to start picking up the pieces. _ I think it starts with saying I‘m sorry. I am SO sorry I let you down. One day, when the dust settles, when time passes, when my actions tell the story of whether or not I’ve learned from all this, when you’ve healed (and so have I), maybe just maybe we will meet again and share a practice. Until then, I love you, I value you, I respect you, I thank you and I’ll never stop believing in you. But for now I understand and accept if it’s goodbye. _ Day 1 #onemillionyogischallenge is Downward Dog with @yogisoli @yogagivesback 🙏

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