Required reading


kui sul oli tõesti vaja

ära hävitada maja

milles võisid elada

kui vaid omatahet täitsid

siis kui räästas tule läitsid

mis siin enam halada

miks sa sellepärast ehmud

õigesti kõik oli tehtud

kurb vaid tuli tagajärg

kui sa tahtsid et ta kaoks siis

ütle mulle mille jaoks siis

nägu pisaraist sul märg

majast järgi jäänd vaid rusu

paha küll kuid siiski – usu

see ei olnud vale käik

mingu kasvõi miljon aaret

sel ju pole mingit haaret

omatahe – see on kõik

By Contra

Kuna mõni käib siin algaja ronijana inspiratsiooni otsimas, siis lisan siia lingi postitusele selle kohta, mida üks kogemata seinale kukkunud inimene teada võiks. Aga palun.

Muidu oli mul siin kunagi pikk nimekiri igasugu asjadest, mida võiks ometigi lugeda, aga aja ja vanusega olen jõudnud arusaamale, et milleks. Otsija tee on see, mis toidab.

7 kommentaari “Required reading

  1. i love kurt vonnegut and terry pratchett! in fact, if you add douglas adams and neil gaiman you have my top four favorite writers of all time.

  2. The “Instroduction and advice for the young bride” is a classic!

    But here’s one thing missing that every feminist know about in the first place, “The Good Wife’s Guide”:

    And that women do not forget where their place is, here’s also an audiovisual education lesson:

    NB! Viewers discretion is advised! May contain disturbing unconventional truth toward women and might wanna start you to think about, if women are actual human beeings!

  3. Ha! Guys, while checking the link at feminstzine if it is still alive, I noticed something interesting at the right side of the page.

    Check this out:

    Must be an coincidence because of the cleverness of google’s content related adverds.

    Well, everybody knows what it is about these “russian brides” seeking for men websites. Most of these women catalogues are scams anyway, but I have to admit that most men deserves to get ripped off, if really seeking and paying for getting brides in this mysogynic way.

    Anyway. Why is that no matter what I seek for Estonian content through google, this search engine always suggests “Image results” of lightweight dressed Estonian females and search results like “Beautiful Estonia Women
    waiting for you” in the first place?

    Maybe some interesting information you might want to be aware of and think about for a while…

    1. As far as I have understood, these are really clever ads – they show random picture, but they put the name of your country under it, to make you take a peek.

      And I made a test and tried both “English women” and “German women” in Google – guess, what I found? 😀 So I think that Google just shows us what people want to see most or to show most. Although it is of course a pity that typing “englishmen” or “german men” doesn’t get me much of a naked meat. 😀

      1. Well, Rents, perhaps it was only a question of time when these “mail bride” services would have been become internationalized.

        As you might already know, the sex indsutry is the biggest business sector worldwide.

        Why they [the sex industry] actually never discovered women as a target group, is a big question where I have no answer to that.

        But if it’s all about to have equal rights for sex services of any kind only, then we are far away from a emancipated society, where the sex industrry does not dictate our sex lifes anymore in quite straight single-sided and stereotyping way.

        Of course patriarchy masculists will now say that these are all infantile lies.

        These mostly white christian conservative cowards tell that feminists wanna destroy them and their traditional families “values”.

        The truth is, that these small boys are scared.

        The hide behind a screen, seeking for females through fake advertisements, meanwhile not beeing able to get in touch with any woman that has a strong opinion.

        But they have any reason to scare.

        The hysteria surrounding feminists illustrates our increasing influence across the world.

        And the masculist doesn’t like it.

        However, it’s time for the feminism controversy to fade, but I want see the nation in good to see us as agiving voice to all kinds of opinions, which we do.

        So, I’m ready to get naked for the “german men” meat google seeking women around.

        What a scare that would be 😉

  4. Oh! I almost forgot!

    Some “german men” I found today in youtube.

    A pedigree viking and it comes topless with a six pack, watch out:

    Geht ab, digga 😀

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