Step 2 – Taking the test.

I had to wake up at half past seven today just to do that stupid test – but since it can change my life, I pulled myself together and managed to do it. Even had some sandwiches and tea etc, so that I wouldn´t be sleeping there (if I´m not properly awake my voice doesn´t come out and usually that doesn´t happen until noon).

And when I finally got there and sat down… I turned into Fez (who actually isn´t such a dork, Valderamma looks hot) and couldn´t say a word. Or remember a word. The oral part was worst of course, I was just babbling into microphone there. Other parts weren´t at least complete disasters, but I guess I made some stupid mistakes.

I think I´ll probably score about 75%, cause REALLY I wasn´t a complete idiot and I actually CAN speak English. I know I need 87%, but I´m afraid that´s aiming too high and just wouldn´t happen. Anyway, now it´s all about Step 3 – Waiting.

2 kommentaari

  1. there are two different words -chance and change. I suggest you to remove this minor error.

  2. See – sometimes I really am a complete idiot 😀

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